More leaders coming soon.

  • Peter & Anna Fagerhov
      Peter & Anna FagerhovGnarp, Sweden

      The loving and committed pastors at Nordanstigs Kristna Center. Even though they have five kids of their own, the door to their home is always open. Anna and Peter has long experience of working with kids and youth. They are the hosts and founders of ACTS Camp together with Pernilla.

    • Maria Ceder
        Maria CederGnarp

        Maria is the Youthpastor at Nordanstigs Kristna Center. She lives with her husband Jakob and their two sons in Gnarp. Maria’s been working with youths for more than 15 years. One of her passion is to see young people grow strong in their faith but also as persons and she loves helping them to believe in themselves and be who they are. Maria organizes the camp together with Magdalena and the team.

      • Pernilla Persson Hardin
          Pernilla Persson HardinAtlanta, USA

          The girl from Hudiksvall who got a tennis scholarship and moved to the US. Got married and stayed. Pernilla has 25 years experience as a tennis coach. She has also worked many years with youth and kids. Pernilla is the one who started ACTS Camp together with Anna and Peter Fagerhov. She is a wonderful inspirer!

          Unfortunately Pernilla will not be able to come to ACTS this year. 

        • Evelina Larsson
            Evelina LarssonJättendal, Sweden

            Evelina has been a part of ACTS camp from the very beginning – as a camper, team leader and now one of the head leaders at camp! Besides seeing her every morning, you will get to hang with Evelina at the beach where she has lots of fun planned for you!

          • Christian & Magdalena Fagerhov
              Christian & Magdalena FagerhovGnarp, Sweden

              Christian and Magdalena has been a part of ACTS Camp almost every year. They live in Gnarp with their two kids. Christian has been training gymnastics and loves extreme sports. He will lead the the spirit stick and night time activities. Magdalena organizes the camp together with Maria and a great team. You will se her here and there during the week.


            • Melissa Rea
                Melissa ReaNorthern Ireland

                Melissa studies in Cardiff UK, and has a passion for film. Her studies allow her to practice her love of directing, camera work, editing and acting, as well as spreading the love of Jesus. Having been a leader for the first time last year, Melissa is excited to return and see familiar faces, as well as new ones, and be of service to the camp and its campers. She can’t wait to see you all! This year she will be a team leader and help out with drama for open church. 

              • Elin Ekman
                  Elin EkmanGnarp, Sweden

                  Elin is a singer/songwriter who lives in Gnarp with her husband Tobias and their four boys. They are both a part of the worship team at NKC. Elin has been a part of ACTS every year but in many different roles! This year she will be our Camp Mom and you’ll get to hang out with her and the youngest baby throughout the week!


                • Oscar Fagerhov
                    Oscar FagerhovGnarp, Sweden

                    Oscar has been a part of ACTS camp for many years. First as a camper and later as a leader. He is a musician and singer/songwriter who loves to play his guitar. He brings joy and a lot of laughs to camp. Oscar will be a teamleader!

                  • Sara Nilsson
                      Sara NilssonLinköping, Sweden

                      Sara is a little bundle of joy jumping around trying to fill the world with rainbows and unicorns. She lives in Gnarp and loves acting and dancing and crazy stuff in general. Sara has She’ll be a leader for the drama workshop this year and also be working with the spirit stick and evening activites. She can’t wait to meet everybody!

                    • Samuel Nilsson
                        Samuel NilssonGnarp, Sweden

                        Samuel is the middle Nilsson Brother. He is a talented musician who plays most instruments. He is also working with Nordic Audio Recordings as a producer – recording and editing music. You will meet him at the music workshop.

                      • Deborah Larsson
                          Deborah LarssonStockholm, Sweden

                          Deborah is an actress and barista in Stockholm. She is passionate about creativity, film and theatre and doing so for God, but also to encourage others to embrace their creativity and God-given gifts. She’s been part of camp for many years, both as a camper and a leader. This year she will be a team leader and help out with drama for open church in the evenings. 

                        • Jonathan Hansson
                            Jonathan HanssonGävle, Sweden

                            Jonathan has been a part of ACTS from the beginning, his first year as a camper was 2011. Jonathan loves extreme sports and is a trained stuntman. He has studied at the “Swedish American Stunt School” in Stockholm. A rush of adrenalin is the best thing in the world according to Jonathan and he’s constantly seeking new challenges. Jonathan will be in the Parkour workshop and teamleader this year.

                          • Gabriel Englund
                              Gabriel EnglundUppsala, Sweden

                              Gabriel “Gabbe” Englund, lives in Hudiksvall. He like’s traveling and working out and has completed the biggest, nordic obstacle race “Toughest” two times. He’s been a part of ACTS since the start! This year he will be a teamleader.