ACTS 2017 Leadership

  • Peter & Anna Fagerhov
      Peter & Anna FagerhovGnarp, Sweden

      The loving and committed pastors at Nordanstigs Kristna Center. Even though they have five kids of their own, the door to their home is always open. Anna and Peter has long experience of working with kids and youth. They are the hosts and founders of ACTS Camp together with Pernilla.

    • Maria Ceder
        Maria CederGnarp

        Maria är ungdomspastor på Nordanstigs Kristna Center. Hon och hennes man Jakob har ett hjärta för människor och framför allt barn och ungdomar. De bor i Gnarp med sina två barn. Maria har jobbat med barn och ungdomar i 15 år. Hon vill utmana och utrusta unga människor att våga vara sig själva och leva ett äkta och spännande liv med Jesus.

      • Pernilla Persson Hardin
          Pernilla Persson HardinAtlanta, USA

          The girl from Hudiksvall who got a tennis scholarship and moved to the US. Got married and stayed. Pernilla has 25 years experience as a tennis coach. She has also worked many years with youth and kids. Pernilla is the one who started ACTS Camp together with Anna and Peter Fagerhov. She is a wonderful inspirer!

          Unfortunately Pernilla will not be able to come to ACTS this year. 

        • Evelina Larsson
            Evelina LarssonJättendal, Sweden

            Evelina has been a part of ACTS camp from the very beginning – as a camper, team leader and now one of the head leaders at camp! Besides seeing her every morning, you will get to hang with Evelina at the beach where she has lots of fun planned for you!

          • Christian & Magdalena Fagerhov
              Christian & Magdalena FagerhovGnarp, Sweden

              Christian and Magdalena has been a part of ACTS Camp almost every year. They live in Gnarp with their two kids. Christian has been training gymnastics and loves extreme sports. He will lead the parkour workshop again and he is also leading the spirit stick and night time activities. Magdalena is the one who organizes the camp together with a great team. You will se her here and there during the week.


            • Elin Ekman
                Elin EkmanGnarp, Sweden

                Elin is a singer/songwriter who lives in Gnarp with her husband Tobias and their four boys. They are both a part of the worship team at NKC. Elin has been a part of ACTS every year but in many different roles! This year she will be our Camp Mom and you’ll get to hang out with her and the youngest baby throughout the week!


              • Oscar Fagerhov
                  Oscar FagerhovGnarp, Sweden

                  Oscar has been a part of ACTS camp for many years. First as a camper and later as a leader. He is a musician and singer/songwriter who loves to play his guitar. He brings joy and a lot of laughs to camp. Oscar will be a teamleader!

                • Othilia Hansson
                    Othilia HanssonGnarp, Sweden

                    Othilia lives in Gnarp. She’s a loving and fun chick and also an awesome singer! Othilia has been a part of ACTS for many years and will be a part of the worshipteam this year.

                  • Timotejs Naidjonoks
                      Timotejs NaidjonoksStockholm, Sweden

                      Timotejs lives in Stockholm and is graduating a top education in classical music as a violinist, majoring in natur science at Lilla Akademien. This fall he will attend the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Timotejs likes music, culture in all it’s forms, martial arts, soccer, history and political history. He’s been a camper at ACTS since 2013 and has still not attended a better camp than ACTS! This year he will be an assisting team leader.


                    • Sara Nilsson
                        Sara NilssonLinköping, Sweden

                        Sara is a little bundle of joy jumping around trying to fill the world with rainbows and unicorns. She is right now studying Scenkonst (Stageart) in Linköping and loves acting and dancing and crazy stuff in general, and chocolate, she looooves chocolate. She’ll be a team leader and aslo help out with the drama workshop this year and she can’t wait to meet everybody!

                      • Samuel Nilsson
                          Samuel NilssonGnarp, Sweden

                          Samuel is the middle Nilsson Brother. He is a talented musician who plays most instruments. He is also working with Nordic Audio Recordings as a producer – recording and editing music. You will meet him at the music workshop.

                        • Alex Holmquist
                            Alex HolmquistHudiksvall, Sweden

                            Alex lives in Hudiksvall, he enjoys weight lifting, playing the piano and hanging out with friends. He loves Jesus above all else, and really likes to worship but also good weather and Nocco (the drink). This will be Alex’s seventh year at ACTS but this year will be his second as a leader!


                          • Deborah Larsson
                              Deborah LarssonUppsala, Sweden

                              Deborah is an actress in Uppsala and Stockholm. In her spare time she loves to bake, specifically to eat what she bakes. This summer she will be a team-leader and also help out with drama for open church in the evenings. She’s really excited and can’t wait for ACTS!

                            • Jonathan Hansson
                                Jonathan HanssonGävle, Sweden

                                Jonathan has been a part of ACTS from the beginning, his first year as a camper was 2011. Jonathan loves extreme sports and is a trained stuntman. He recently found out he has been accepted to the “Swedish American Stunt School” in Stockholm. A rush of adrenalin is the best thing in the world according to Jonathan and he’s constantly seeking new challenges. Jonathan will be in the Parkour workshop and teamleader this year.

                              • Jemima Haddad
                                  Jemima HaddadGnarp, Sweden

                                  Jemima just got Married and lives in Gnarp with her husband Patrik. She’s doing a little bit of everything on her spare time but is focusing on music. Jemima has been on board with ACTS from the beginning as a camper and has also helped out in different leadership roles, Jemima will be at ACTS this year too!

                                • Laura Kwaak
                                    Laura KwaakJacksonville, Florida

                                    Laura has been married for 10 years and has a 4 year old and a 2 year old. She worked with teenagers in the foster care system for 5 years and has been working in youth ministry for 10 years and her passion is to walk them into their true identity in Christ! This will be Laura’s second year and she is so excited to be a part of ACTS CAMP this summer and can’t wait to see what the Lord is going to do!

                                  • Kevin Sjöberg Mulenga
                                      Kevin Sjöberg MulengaStockholm, Sweden

                                      Kevin is 23 years old and lives in Stockholm. He has been to ACTS as a camper three years previously and ACTS changed his life. Kevin loves being spontaneous and creative and active out in nature, he’s also a very social person who love to motivate youth to live their lives with God. This will be Kevin’s first year as a leader and he is excited to come back to ACTS, now as a team leader!


                                    • Katrin Andersen
                                        Katrin AndersenGnarp, Sweden

                                        Katrin är en härlig tjej som bor i Gnarp och jobbar med barn och ungdomar. Hon är intresserad av mikrobiologi och tycker om att träna, promenera, läsa och resa. Katrin ser fram emot sitt femte år på ACTS och i år som en hjälpledare.

                                      • Kristin Andersson
                                          Kristin AnderssonGrängsjö, Sweden

                                          Kristin is an inventive and creative person who doesn’t like sitting still and always has a project going on. She loves to express herself and her faith through dance and movement. Kritin lives outside of Gnarp together with her husband, she works as a nurse and has long experience of working with kids and youth. Kristin will be leading the dance workshop this, her first year, at ACTS!

                                        • Quintin van der Bijl
                                            Quintin van der BijlNetherlands

                                            Quintin is from Netherlands and lives with his parents and sister. Quintin’s life was completely changed when he met God, this will be his second year at ACTS Camp.

                                          • Nathalie Bendayan
                                              Nathalie BendayanUppsala, Sweden

                                              My name is Nathalie Bendayan I’m 21 years old. I grew up in a small town in Hälsingland called Bollnäs but am currently living in Uppsala. I am a happy, goofy person who loves Jesus, music, singing and salty licorice among many other things. I’ve been a camper at ACTS 6 times, this year will be my first a leader and I’m so excited to be a part of ACTS!

                                            • Gabriel Englund
                                                Gabriel EnglundUppsala, Sweden

                                                Hello my name is Gabriel “Gabbe” Englund, I’m from Hudiksvall but currently live in Uppsala. I like traveling and working out and I’ve completed the biggest, nordic obstacle race “Toughest” two times. I’ve been a part of ACTS since the start! And This year is the first year that I’m gonna be a team leader. I’m really looking forward to this year – it’s gonna be really great!!

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